Open Letter to Real OC Housewife Tamara

My intentions were to keep this blog neutral and keep my opinions to myself but I am a reality tv fan after all so I will make this exception. I had really strong opinions about this season of the Real Housewives of Orange County which led to this open letter to Tamara. Enjoy and feel free to share your opinions on this season of the OC.

Tamara, wow some of your comments and behavior this season have just been disgusting really. Your jealousy over Gretchen is insane, and no matter how many times you try to justify some of your behavior, you need to realize that it was really UGLY.

You spent so much time and energy into trying to “OUT” Gretchen and “expose” her for the “Gold digger” she is and in the end, it only ended up showing how ugly you are on the inside.

We the viewers are not stupid. Is Gretchen a gold-digger? Of Course duh! But that doesn’t negate the fact that she might love Jeff, or might be a good person. Obviously, Jeff wanted someone young and hot, while Gretchen wanted someone who could provide for her. They found each other and seem to be happy with their relationship or arrangement. Why are you so concerned with this woman? What does her relationship or lack there of do for you?

You complain so much about Gretchen always wanting to be the center of attention and you are actually right. It’s just interesting you of all people would say that considering your amazing ability of being able to cry at the drop of a dime. You could easily earn an Oscar nomination solely based on your performance this season.

You really used to be one of my favorite housewives with your quick wit and humor which made it all the more sad that all it took was a younger, “hotter” woman aka Gretchen to make you totally lose your cool and show your deep seated insecurities. I still like you Tamara but you really need to do some self searching. Words can’t describe how BAD you made yourself look this season. And the funny thing is your outrageous behavior only ended up garnering more like and sympathy for Gretchen which is quite ironic when you think about it.

So here’s to hoping that next season will bring us back the Tamara that we used to know and love. And not this evil, hateful, mean girlvillain”

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