The Bachelor Just Took a Sleazy Turn

And just like that, the Bachelor just got sleazy. Tonight’s show was a mix of a Jerry Springer type showdown meets a VH1 dating reunion show.

So Jason did what the blogs had been buzzing about by dumping his fiancee Melissa, and then asking out Molly and making out with her all in the same night! Who knew Jason had a slimey sleazeball in him? What makes this all the more upsetting is the rumor that this was all planned by the show’s producers as an attempt to boost up the ratings.

Well, if that is true, one must say that their planned worked. But at what expense? Seems to me like Jason might have gotten too cocky for his own bridges by thinking America would forgive the loving single Dad we had grown to love. Well think again Jason.

Your actions tonight were a bit shameful. I honestly did not get much sincerity from you. And thought it was VERY TACKY of you to kiss/make out with Molly on the same couch you dumped your fiance on minutes earlier.

Quite frankly, I would prefer Jason to dump his fiance in private next time. My heart goes out to Melissa and her comment about “What is wrong with me?” was heart breaking!

Tell Us – What do you think about Jason’s actions tonight?

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