The Real Reason Jason Dumped Melissa

The big question on everyone’s mind is what really happened with Jason and Melissa? Was it all scripted? Well we have all the answers here for you. The summary of what really happened is below –

  • The most shocking part of this entire story was the fact that this whole switcharoo fiasco was planned with the producers, Jason, and Molly being in on it. Melissa was an innocent victim in all of this.
  • Once it got down to the final 5, Jason told the producers Molly was the one. The producers then suggested to him he take Molly and Melissa to the final two so that Melissa could end up the bachelorette.
  • Sometime before the Final rose ceremony, the producers came to Jason with the idea of picking Melissa instead of his real pick Molly to cause a shocking After the rose ceremony and boost up ratings. Jason could have put his foot down but he instead decided to go along with it. Perhaps not realizing the enormous backlash this would cause.
  • A couple of days after the final rose ceremony, Molly was informed of this plan. She and Jason began secretly contacting/dating each other. All while Melissa was genuinely in love with Jason and was not aware of what was about to hit her.
  • Melissa was asked to be the Bachelorette once dumped by Jason but she ofcourse declined, and Jillian was then picked to be the new Bachelorette.

This all makes sense as anyone watching the show could see Jason was a rather bad actor. There were zero tears coming out of his eyes and he did not seem sincere when pretending to be sad about the break up. I mean who kisses another woman, literally minutes after breaking the heart of your fiancee? And Molly’s whole surprise act was also a bit of a reach. It is very hard to believe that she would be soo eager to jump back into Jason’s arms after having zero contact with him for months.

I will be making another post later on this week about the secrets of the show including the contracts they sign, and the rules they have to follow.

At the end, Jason sold his soul and allowed himself to be used and manipulated for a ratings ploy. Something tells me he never imagined the tremendous backlash this would cause.

Feel free to let us know what you think about this story.

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