Melissa Rycroft Speaks Out About Her Public Breakup

Melissa appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show today and she understandably had some not so kind words to say about her ex fiance Jason Mesnick.

She spoke out for the first time today about being dumped by Jason. Melissa says “it was pretty immediate” after the finale that Mesnick realized he didn’t want to be with her. Once we got back, we both kind of sat in the real world, and we were talking about how [our relationship] was different. He kind of gave up, and I couldn’t understand why at the time. Now I do – because I think there was someone else involved.”

Melissa also went on to say that she could never be friends with Molly and Jason after what they did to her. According to Melissa, she had suspected Jason had been contacting Molly behind her back, and did not believe him when he claimed he had no contact with Molly on the After show.

She also said she was blindsided by the fact the he wanted to start dating Molly, which is why she called him a bastard. She said the only contact she has had with Jason since the break up was an email she sent to him. She says “I felt like I needed to apologize for getting that angry with him, but at the same time, I said, ‘I hope you know why I got that mad.’ We weren’t talking at that point, so it was my way off saying, ‘This is my closure … Don’t reply back.'”

Rycroft says she is moving on and is even dating a new guy named Ty. “Because of the privacy and everything going on, we haven’t really been able to explore a new relationship, but now that everything is over, I’m so excited,” she says. “I’ve known him for two years and kind of done the dating on-and-off. He has been my biggest rock and supporter throughout this whole process. He’s become my best friend.”

Wishing Melissa all the best. She truly deserves some happiness after the hell Jason put her through.

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