The BIG Bachelor Rumor/Spoiler

This post contains spoilers, please do not read any further if you do not want to know wants during the Finale and after.

Well, you might have heard the BIG bachelor rumor by now which is that Jason Mesnick will be picking Melissa tonight along with a proposal. So that sounds about right for a bachelor finale right? Not exactly. What happens afterward is something that has never happened in the history of the Bachelor franchise.

Jason picks Melissa, and she accepts his proposal. Jason is then rumored to have dumped Melissa during the After the Final Rose show, in which he then tells Molly he wants to start dating her.

Now you might be asking why Jason would do this? Well, some sources claim this was all a big ratings ploy by the producers and that Jason was aware of the plan all along, with Melissa being an innocent victim. While other sources claim Jason’s reason for dumping Melissa was because Melissa had some cold feet once the show wrapped and wanted to take things slow which hurt Jason.

Whatever his reasons might be, we must say tonight’s episode will be a must see. I will be making another post about this later on this week. Feel free to let us know what you think about this new twist!

Jeff Beitzel’s Daughter Defends Gretchen Rossi

Jill Beitzel, the daughter of Gretchen Rossi’s late fiance Jeff Beitzel is speaking out. You would be suprised to hear what she has to say. Jill recently spoke out to Bravo Fan, and below are some excerpts from the interview –

Are you and anyone in your family still in touch with her?
Jake, Lizzy, and I all still talk to her.

How have you guys held up against all these new revelations that she may have been cheating on your dad while he was in the hospital? Jake has been having a lot of issues with the speculations being made. All I know is what Gretchen has told me which was that Jay was a good friend who she had seen a ways back, my dad never liked that guy and obviously for a good reason.

Jill goes on to speak out against Jay Photologou. She states, “I think Jay is a selfish manipulative jerk, and just wants the exposure from the story. He doesn’t give a rats ass that when he degrades Gretchen he is also degrading my father, and that makes things a lot harder for our family to be okay with.” And we couldn’t agree more.

You can find the link to Jill’s Myspace as well as other OC Cast members by Clicking Here – The Real Housewives of Orange County Myspace Pages.

I Love Money 1 Update!

The Myspace pages of VH1’s I Love Money 1 cast were added today!

The pages of Hoopz, Whiteboy, Mr. Boston, Pumkin, 12 Pack, Heather, Midget Mac, Destiney, Megan & more were added.

Check it out now! – I Love Money 1 Myspace Pages.

The Real Story Between Gretchen Rossi & Jay Photoglou

The question on everyone’s mind is who is Jay? and was Gretchen cheating on her dying fiance, Jeff Beitzel?

Well we have the full story here and it seems Gretchen has been a naughty girl. Gretchen denied any romantic involvement with her ex Jay Photoglou since she started dating Jeff but the photo below says otherwise. The dirty website posted the photo below that shows Gretchen and Jay kissing. The worst part about the photo? Gretchen is wearing her engagement ring given to her by her late fiance Jeff.

Jay Photoglou, the classy guy that he is also sold Gretchen out to the National Enquirer earlier this week. Jay was paid an undisclosed amount for his story in which he claimed he was dating Gretchen the entire time she was with Jeff. Jay disclosed, “She spent her days at the hospital with her dying fiancé, but her nights with me.”

The final evidence was Jeana admitting on the Reunion episode that she had seen Jay’s clothing in Gretchen’s bedroom. All the evidence seems to be pointing to Gretchen seeing Jay the same time she was with Jeff. Now while no one knows the arrangement Jeff and Gretchen might have had regarding their relationship, we must say that Gretchen has got to make better choices in who she sleeps with and confides in.

You can find more pictures of Jay with Gretchen on Jay’s private Myspace page.

A Double Shot at Love Update!

A Double Shot at Love Twins Myspace pages

A Double Shot at Love Twins Myspace pages

The Myspace pages of A Double Shot at Love has been Updated!

The pages of the Ikki Twins, Rebekah, Trevor, Josh, Matt & more were added.

Check it out now! – Double Shot At Love MySpace Pages

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